Johnny Marr, Grant Lee Phillips, & Wendy Melvoin Sit In With Neil Finn   (From

Neil Finn fans had quite the surprises at the former Crowded House singer and Split Enz guitarist's sold out shows at
the House of Blues in West Hollywood, Calif., on Friday (July 5) and Saturday (July 6).

Performing a mix of classic material and new ditties, Finn was joined by former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr for a rendition of the Smiths' "How Soon Is Now" and "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out," with Marr lending his trademark guitar licks.
Marr also got in a solo performance of "Down on the Corner," a track from Marr's Healers' forthcoming album, due this fall.
Finn and Marr have performed the song onstage before, and it ended up on Finn's live album, 7 Worlds Collide: Live at the St. James Theatre, released earlier this year. Meanwhile, the debut Healers album has just been completed, and a new record deal is
expected to be announced shortly.

As for the other special guests, Grant Lee Phillips, formerly of Grant Lee Buffalo, performed "Honey Don't" and "Four Seasons" with Finn, while Wendy Melvoin (of Prince's Wendy & Lisa) sat in on several songs. Melvoin appears on Finn's new album, One All, which was released on Nettwerk America in May.

Here is the set list from Friday's show:

1. "Pineapple Head"
2. "Driving Me Mad"
3. "One Step Ahead"
4. "Hole in the Ice"
5. "Anytime"
6. "Into the Sunset"
7. "Fall at Your Feet"
8. "Love This Life"
9. "Honey Don't" (with Phillips)
10. "Four Seasons" (with Phillips)
11. "Sinner" (with Melvoin and Marr)
12. "Last to Know" (with Melvoin and Marr)
13. "Human Kindness" (with Melvoin and Marr)
14. "I Got You" (with Melvoin and Marr)
15. "There Is a Light" (with Melvoin and Marr)
16. "Down on the Corner" (Marr solo)
17. "Loose Tongue" (with Melvoin and Marr)
18. "She Will Have Her Way" (with Melvoin and Marr)
19. "Distant Sun" (Finn solo)
20. "How Soon Is Now" (with Melvoin and Marr)
21. "Turn and Run" (with Melvoin and Marr)
22 "Weather" (with Melvoin and Marr)
23. "Lullaby Requiem" (with Melvoin and Marr)