"Bert gave me something to aspire to ..." Guitarist 2004/Feb.

"When people unfamiliar with Bert ask me for a quick education I say, without Bert Jansch, The Beatles wouldn't have written "Dear Prudence". Why? Because Donovan - who famously wrote "House Of Jansch" and "Bert's blues" - found himself accompanying The Beatles to Rishikesh to see the Maharishi and showed John Lennon, in particular, the descending clawhammer D technique. It's known to most guitarists from Neil Young's "Needle And The Damage Done", which is a lift from Bert's "Needles Of Death" anyway. That technique is Something guitarists now take from granted - tune to low D, play descending lines from the first position from D to C to Bb... we don 't think about it but it's got to have come from somewhere and in Britain it came from Bert. Hence "Dear Prudence". Bert may have appropriated it from Davey Graham, but Bert was the star, Bert was the one everyone wanted to be."

"A lot of people who don't know Bert's music think he's all about technique, and while he can be dazzling in that regard, he has a healthy disregard fro the academic side of playing. He's a million miles away from those boring GIT dudes - he know it's ultimately about a getting a feeling across."

"I first heard him when I was 14 or 15 and his playing really gave me something to aspire to, it was a new yardstick. To use that horrible modern Americanism, he raised the bar. he had something that I thought I could attain feel-wise because I felt I had the same bluesy right hand, the swing of it, but the left hand was just from Mars. He was the only guy, along with Roly Gallagher, that I'd really sit down and work out. I'd play along with pop records - "All The Young Dudes", "Metal Guru", - but Bert I really had to listen to."

"The music from my generation was pretty crap and disposable, but Bert's music - and the music of people he inspired like Nick Drake and Neil Young - has a timelessness. That first album is a sparse record on the face of it, but once you get into it it's got everything you need. It's got depth, it's dark, it's lyrically very interesting and the singing's fabulous, it's stands up to any bombastic six-piece rock band in my opinion, it's that powerful. The best of Bert's music makes a lot of rock music look like pansy-ass posing."

Johnny recommends :
Birthday Blues (1969) "Made when he was also in Pentangle - really good songs and great singing.
LA Turnaround (1974) "He looks like a your archetypal guitar hero, only with an acoustic guitar. In photos like that you can even see where Jimmy Page was coming from in terms of image."


要約しますと、バートの事なら何でも訊いてくれよ、とヤンシュ伝道師ぶりを大いに発揮しているのですが、自虐も含めて(”crap and disposable")バートの音楽はそこいらのGIT野郎ども(Guitar Institute Technology出身者)とは違うぜ等、またもテク重視ギターヒーロー達への嫌悪を露わにしつつ、彼の音楽がいかに普遍性を持ち数多の音楽家に影響を与えてきたか、などを講釈しています。

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