Beth Orton Explores Mad, Bad And Sad Love On Daybreaker

AUG. 12, 2002 FROM MTV.COM      (全文ソース)


Orton met ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr backstage after one of her sets on the 1999 Lilith Fair. Introduced through a friend, Orton immediately struck up a conversation with the guitarist for the band she had an intense love/hate relationship with as a teen in England.

"I was and I wasn't a fan," she said of the Smiths. "They were everywhere, you couldn't get away from them growing up in England, especially in a small town. [But] I really liked him as a person when we met and we got on really well and we were talking, talking. Then I asked him, 'So, what do you do, anyway?' I didn't know who he was. [When I found out] I thought, 'Oh, f----ing hell!' "

Not the least bit slighted, Marr hooked up with Orton at their hotel that night and, with the help of several bottles of wine, began singing and playing their hearts out with a promise that they'd work together someday.